Commercial Drone Imaging & Photogrammetry Services in Georgia, USA


Many industries have embraced UAV inspections as the preferred method of visual surveillance. Safer than manned visual survey methods, drones are especially useful in hard-to-reach locations.

To mitigate risk, save time, and cut costs, many companies are including drone inspection in their annual maintenance and repair budgets. Drone inspections can also significantly decrease the time to settle insurance claims compared to more traditional visual inspections. Highly accurate data, delivered in a timely fashion, allows for informed decisions, early detection, and less downtime.

● Gas pipeline, bridges, cell towers
● Electrical pylon, substation, powerlines
● Commercial, residential property
● Project management, timeline inspections

Volumetric Measurements

Faster and more cost-effective than traditional surveying methods, drone mapping provides volume data within inches, allowing for better stockpile valuation.

Drones provide thousands of data points for each stockpile, identifying all surface unevenness and undulation. This precision will enable you to maintain the highest safety standards and improve operating efficiency and profitability.

● Monitor cut and fill volumes
● Measure ground displacement, drainage issues
● Track stockpile inventory
● Environmental monitoring

Orthomosaic Maps

Drones allow you to collect highly accurate topographic data in a fraction of the time, capturing precise distance and surface measurements for areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Integrating regular orthomosaic mapping into your workflows, project managers can better determine distances, calculate stockpiles’ volume, estimate material costs, and collect other vital data. Raw data delivered to your in-house software programs can be used to construct 2-D maps and 3-D digital elevation models for use in project planning.

● Land surveying, cartography
● Land management, development, Urban planning
● Map otherwise inaccessible areas

3D Virtual Tours

Studies show that property listings with virtual tours sell for higher prices and spend less time on the market. 3-D virtual tours are impactful and accessible 24/7 from any device. Capture buyers and investors with stunning visuals and the ability to view even tiny details.

Documenting projects over time brings your vision to life for investors. 3-D virtual tours allow buyers to experience the space and surrounding areas without the hassle of travel.

● Commercial, residential property marketing
● Hospitality and event space sales
● Virtual interactive experiences, educational tools
● Historic site preservation

3D Maps

Aerial data provides solutions for land development, engineering, surveying, and data acquisition professionals who value accuracy and efficiency. Create 2-D maps, 3-D site surveys, and virtual walkthroughs to reduce field visits, or monitor stockpile measurements, road-grades, and design conformance checks. Documenting your site over time can help maintain accuracy and consistency.

● Design conformance checks
● Roofing projects
● Stockpile estimates
● Road-grade checks

Stand Alone Processing

Digital photogrammetry relies on efficient and accurate data collection and processing. Fully automated solutions lack precision and customization while managing the process in-house can be costly and time-consuming. Anytime accuracy is a crucial requirement, expert processing will be the best solution for processing, management, visualization, and analysis.

Years of experience combined with manual QA/QC processes, ensure quality data delivered to your project teams (AutoCAD, etc.) in a timely fashion.

● Custom project deliverables
● Processing, measurement
● Tracking, comparisons
● Seamless data delivery